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Taekwondo Karate self-defense Summer Camp in north nazimabad karachi kids boys girls.

TKD Summer Camp helps children:

Become physically fit &  active
Learn self control & cooperation
Learn courtesy & respect
Improve confidence
Set goals & learn how to achieve them

Tackle adversity  SEE DETAILS

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Taekwondo Summer Camp kids boys girls Include Prince Taekwondo Summer Camp in your child's schedule this year! Spectacular, fun-filled Taekwondo & Self-Defense Summer Camp to keep you busy and active during your summer break!
For ages 4 years to onwords.
Our dedicated and experienced instructors are skilled in finding the right mix between learning, instruction and fun for children of all ages! We offer full TaeKwonDo & Self Defense training as well as exciting activities in a positive environment for everyone at TaeKwonDo Summer Camp. Our clean, spacious and safe TaeKwonDo facilities & talented TaeKwonDo instructors will work with your children to develop TaeKwonDo skill, confidence, focus & self-esteem.
TaeKwonDo Summer Camp helps children:
Become physically fit, energetic & active
Learn self control & cooperation
Tackle adversity
Learn importance of courtesy & respect
Improve confidence
Set goals & learn how to achieve them

Our exciting and challenging summer camp for kids can be geared to children of all ages. Our camp for kids offers the right mix of learning, activity, and fun.


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Campus I : Farhan Shaheed Park, Block "I" North Nazaimabad Town, Adjacent Masjid Siddiq e Akbar, Opposite ShipOwners College

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If you're looking for a summer camp in Karachi that will keep your child physically active while making friends, having fun, and gaining confidence, then look no further than Prince Tae Kwon Do Academy.

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Fitness and other benefits of Taekwondo: Taekwondo is a combative contact sport and so the competitors wear body, head and shin protectors, as well as mouth guards, gloves and a groin guard, to protect themselves from injury. Yet this doesn't mean the sport is an undisciplined free-for-all. The participants need to be highly disciplined and prepared to develop both their bodies and their minds. The family sport taekwondo is for everyone & is a great way to gain self-confidence & strength. It can help you to develop discipline and leadership, improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, enhance your flexibility, and develop quick reflexes and agility.

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