Teakwondo Club

Video & Photo Glimpses
  • Prince Taekwondo Academy also conducts training seminars

    Suqrat Farooqi headed seminar to foster Taekwondo & Close Combat Fighting.

  • Prince Taekwondo Academy Karachi

    Teaches Taekwondo, Self Defense, Yongmoodo Korean Martial Arts

  • Martial Arts Weapons

    We also Teach Martial Arts Weapons like Nunchaku, Bo-Staff, Short-Stick

  • Taekwondo Training Camp

    Senior Black Belts taught Taekwondo warm ups, stretching, Power generation sparring techniques at Prince Taekwondo Academy


WTF Poomsae Videos

 Kukkiwon Masters performing WTF Poomsae in training videos

At Prince Taekwondo Academy learning taekwondo is a fantastic opportunity to keep fit, learn self-defence. During training we will focus mainly on fitness, kyorugi (sparring) and poomsae (patterns), but will often disperse it with close-contact self-defence and nak-bup (practice falling) to build a broader picture of self-defence. the best martial arts club in Karachi, Prince Taekwondo Academy following the original interpretation of the art, Prince Taekwondo Academy seeks to enrich its students through understanding of the mental, physical, and philosophical aspects of WTF Taekwondo Korean martial art. We focus on both the traditional practice of martial arts, and optional competitions for any of our members to take part it, in both poomsae and sparring.

Prince Taekwondo Academy achievments at Master Zubairi Cup  Taekwondo Championship 2014

Prince Taekwondo Academy won 3rd Position Trophy in Master Zubairi Cup Taekwondo Championship 2015

1st Farhan Shaheed Taekwondo Breaking Contest organized by Prince Taekwondo Academy