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Yongmoodo Instructor self defense traininer

Suqrat Farooqi
Black Belt 4th DAN Taekwondo
(Kukkiwon, Korea)
Black Belt 2nd DAN Yongmoodo
(Yongin University, Korea)

Yongmudo-Instructor self-defense traininer

M. Taha Farooqi
Black Belt 3rd DAN Taekwondo
(Kukkiwon, Korea)
Black Belt 2nd DAN Yongmoodo
(Yongin University, Korea)

Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi
International Coach, Referee
7 DAN Master Instructor in
Taekwondo, Hapkido, YongMooDo

Prince YongMooDo Academy

Self defense vulnerable pointsTaekwondo ~ Hapkido ~ Judo ~ Kumdo ~ Self Defense
  • Using Your Physical Self-Defense Basic Skills
    Focus on Targets
    Physical self-defense is your tool of last resort. But should you need to use force to defend yourself, commit 110% to your goal.

    Your one and only goal is to disable your attacker long enough for you to escape.

    The core skills are strikes to vulnerable targets. We'll be focusing on the "decisive" targets, those most likely to have the immediate effect of disabling your attacker long enough for you to escape. These are the most basic and essential of the physical skills, because these are the skills most often used by women in effective physical self-defense.

    Decisive Targets
    The human body has many vulnerable points, but we focus about a small subset. These are the 4 1/2 "decisive" targets. These are decisive because they are the targets are most likely to disable your attacker long enough for you to escape. They are chosen because:
    They are easy to find,
    They are affected without a whole lot of speed, strength, or aim,
    And they have a physiologic effect, which means they work even if the attacker has been drinking, using most types of recreational drugs, or has a higher pain threshold.

    These targets are:
    Decisive self-defense targets
    Eyes - these soft and moist orbs are vulnerable to jabs and pokes. Injured eyes tear up and want to close. If the attacker's eyes are closed, he cannot see you and cannot follow you as you escape.
    Throat - the windpipe is essential for breathing. If hit, it is likely to go into spasm and close up. The attacker will struggle to breathe, giving you a short window to escape.
    Groin - strike up between the legs to the testicles. If the attacker does not lose consciousness, he will wish he did. And you escape.
    Knees - all joints are vulnerable, and the knees are particularly significant for self-defense. If you make a knee bend in a direction the joint does not move, tendons and ligaments will begin tearing. That will make it highly unlikely the attacker will be able to chase you as you escape.
    And the half target? The nose. Because of how getting hit in the nose affects your eyes. If you've ever taken a soccer ball, basketball, or dodge ball in the nose, you'll know what I mean.
    Other Effective and Pain Targets
    There are many other targets. Some are excellent pain targets, others have the potential to be decisive if your power, speed, or aim are better. These are most useful:
    Effective pain self-defense targets
    Ears can be struck, grabbed, and pulled. If the attacker has earrings, you can pull them out.Cheekbones often are rich in nerves. But not on everyone.
    Striking the temple, that spot behind the eye and before the ear, hard enough can cause dizzyness, blurry vision, and loss of balance.
    The anterior triangle is the muscle group between the neck and shoulder, and if stuck hard can make the whole arm go limp.
    Striking the solar plexus, that spot just below the sternum and above the abdominal muscles, can knock the wind out of the attacker.
    Like any other joint, fingers can be manipulated in painful ways. Easiest is to just pull the pinkie backwards.
    Stomping on a foot will do more than sting.
    Remember the last time you found some furniture in the dark with your shin?

Awareness Programs

Scenario Based Self-Defense Seminars

If they can't stand up
If they can't breathe
If they can't see you
Then they can't hurt you.
women-self-defense fight like a girl

Street Effective Self Defense Seminars

The seminar offers you the chance to watch, learn and practice new techniques as demonstrated by the experts. Beginners and the more experienced are all welcome. Even with no background of martial arts you will learn scenario-driven applications. Participants will leave the seminar armed with the knowledge and tips necessary to apply in a practical and actionable way to situations that arise in their daily lives.
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Self Defense for Students

Every schools should offer self defense courses to their students. In these courses we teach students how to be aware of their surroundings, make smart choices, and not be an easy target. Bullying, diffusing situations verbally, and an individual's self worth are all subjects that are emphasized. Simple and effective techniques are also taught to escape and stop attacks.


We give women the practical knowledge and skills they can use to protect themselves against abuse and attack. In this fun and interactive seminar, women learn how to be aware of their surroundings, how to not be a target, how do be assertive and much more. They are also taught practical and effective techniques to stop an attack in order to escape.

Corporate Self Defense Seminars

Prince YongMooDo Academy offer special self defense seminars for business. There are many reasons for businesses to offer these seminars to their employees.

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