Photo Glimpses Yongmoodo Pakistan

YongMooDo Instructors Suqrat Farooqi & Taha Farooqi conducted Summer Camps in Pakistan as part of YongMooDo Awareness Program. Several Color Belts of different Taekwondo and Karate clubs joined the camp while many newbies also learned yongmoodo techniques with much interest and complerted syllabus of Yellow Belt.

Suqrat Demonstrating Yongmoodo Weapons

Suqrat Demonstrating Yongmoodo Bo Staff

Yong moo do sparring judo throw

Yongmoodo Throwing Technique

Yongmoodo Middle Kick Block & Sweep Technique demonstrated at Yongmoodo Summer Camp

Yongmoodo Kick Block Sweep Technique

Yongmoodo punching blocking at Summer Camp

Yongmoodo Punch & Block Techniques

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Yongmoodo Sparring kicking

Yongmoodo Sparring Kicking

Yongmoodo Sparring Kick Block Sweep

yongmoodo throw sparring in summer camp 2013

Yongmoodo Throw Sparring at Summer Camp

Yongmoodo self defense gun disarm at Yong moo do summer camp

Yongmoodo Self Defense Gun Disarm

Yongmoodo locking technique at summer camp 2013 pakistan

Yongmoodo locking technique

Yongmoodo Bo-Staff attack Nanchaku block at Yongmoodo Summer Camp

Weapons attack / block at Summer Camp

Yongmoodo Summer Camp Students Group

Yongmoodo Summer Camp Students Group