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Grand Master Kim Byung Chun Yong Moo Do Cup 2013, Pakistan National Championship

cheif guest yongmoodo championship 2013 pakistan.jpgKarachi - Pakistan, June 08, 2013: The Pakistan Yong Moo Do Federation had conducted the "Grandmaster Kim Byung Chun Yong Moo Do Cup 2013" Pakistan National Championship on 1st June 2013 at Bader-Ul-Hassan Sports Complex, Nazimabad, Karachi under the rules and regulation of World Yong Moo Do Federation, Korea. Grandmaster Kim Byung Chun is the President of World Yong Moo Do Federation, had officially approved the event from world Headquarter, Korea.

The chief Guest of the event was Mr. Nadeem Omer, Director Omer Associates and sports consultant. The Chief Referee was Master Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi who is also the Yong Moo Do founder in Pakistan. The Jury Panel included. Dilawer Bhatti, Nasir Ali, Ahmed Din and Mubashir Hassan. The winners first, second and third positions in different Weight categories in Sparring event are as follows:

 Yongmoodo Championship Pakistan 2013
-45 Kg:
1-Razi Ahmed. 2-Obaid Ullah. 3-Bilal. -50 Kg: 1-Abdullah. 2-Ehtesham-Ul-Haq. 3-Ahmed Sohail

-55 Kg: 1-Mohammad Ali Sohail. 2-Aqeel 3-Dilawer Khan. -60 Kg: 1-Tajdar Ali Mehdi. 2-Jawaid. 3-Luqman

-65 Kg: 1-Owais Ahmed 2-Sher Dil 3-Safder Ali. -70 Kg: 1- Abdul Rehman 2- Amir Siddique 3-Muhammad Zaheer Mughal

-75 Kg: 1-Muhammad Munir. 2-Sher Dil. 3-M. Sawal.

Suqrat Ahmed Farooqi had shown the demonstration of Yong Moo Do Kibons while Dilawer Bhatti had demonstrated body breaking. Master Zubairi awarded the International Yong Moo Do Dan black belts certificate of World Yong Moo Do Federation to the following instructors.

1-Dilawer Bhatti, 2- Nasir Ali, 3- Ahmed Din, 4-Danish Khan, 5- Mubashir Hassan, 6- AN Samey Khan, 7-Shahbaz John, 8- Tajdar Ali Mehdi, 9- Nehal Ahmed, 10- Mohammad Taha Farooqi, 11- Suqrat Ahmed Farooqi, 12- Mobin Arif, 13- Naeem Akhtar, 14-Choudhry Shahzad Ali, 15- Mohammad Arif Abbasi, 16-Ubaid Ullah Arif.

Grandmaster Kim Byung Chun Trophies were awarded to the following Yong Moo Do Instructors for their active participation and promotion of Yong Moo Do in Pakistan.

1- Ahmed Deen (Karachi Yong Moo Do Association)
YongMooDo Championship conducted by Pakistan Yong-moo-do Federation Master Rizwan Zubairi2- Nasir Ali (Secretary Sindh Yong Moo Do Association)
3- Dilawer Bhatti (Dilawer Yong Moo Do Academy)
4- Mubashir Hassan (President-Mubashir Yong Moo Do Society)
5- Danish Khan (Secretary-Karachi Yong Moo Do Association),
6- Naeem Akhtar ( President Falcon Yong Moo Do Academy)
7- Mohammad Arif Abbasi. (President- Abbasi Yong Moo Do Academy)
8- Choudhry Shahzad Ali (President-Shahzad Yong Moo Do Club)
9-Suqrat Ahmed Farooqi (Member-Zubairi's Martial Arts Centre & Founder Prince Yong Moo Do Academy)
10- Mobeen Arif (President-Mobeen Yong Moo Do Academy)


2nd GRAND MASTER KIM BYUNG CHUNG YONGMOODO CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 successfully held at Badar ul Hasan Sports Complex, Karachi, Pakistan under supervision of Master Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi, President Pakistan Yongmoodo Federation.

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