Yongmoodo consist of basic techniques originated from traditional martial arts or combative sports it also carefully involves instinctive movements of humans considering its athletic and self-defensive use. As far as the art of Yong Moo Do in concern defensive techniques take priority over offensive one.

Nakbup, safety falling method is kind of self-defensive technique which is designed to safely protect your body from attackers, because of this you should master of offensive techniques base on nakbup, the basic art of Yong Moo Do.

Offensive techniques of Yong Moo Do stand from traditional techniques of established martial arts.

For instance, Throwing and grappling from JUDO, slamming and holding down from wrestling, Kick and striking, thrusting and punching from Taekwondo, Striking cutting and a thrust to the throat or chest from Kumdo and Kerkki from Hapkido. These are the main techniques of Yong Moo Do. This comprehensive is unique to Yong Moo Do when other martial arts cover only their own areas.

Chaki (Kicks) and Jiryuki or Chiki (Strikes)
These are techniques for delivering a direct blow to the opponent's trunk or face. The kicks include front kick, round kick, side kick and back kick. Beside mentioning these kicks to the trunk or face, kicks on the lower part of body, such as the knee or thigh ,are effective, they are only allowed in pre-arranged sparring. Strikes include not only punch but also include elbow, Knee strike etc..

Dunjiki (Throwing )
Throwing techniques are the study of how to use and manipulate an attacker's strength and skill against you. The practitioner learns when, how and where to attack by breaking an assailant's balance done by making use of a special way of walking called palbangbobub

Nuruki (Holddowns)
Nuruki (Hold downs) techniques that are used to immobilize your opponent when he is lying on his back on the mat.

Joruki (Chokes)
These are techniques by which you strangle your opponent into submission. Both hands press against either the windpipe or the carotid arteries to stop the flow of blood to his head. If you do this, he will be forced to submit because of the lack of blood supply or else fall into unconsciousness.

Kkukki (Joint locks )
These are techniques by which you bend, twist, or lock the joint of your opponent's body in order to bring him to submission. Because of the obvious danger, it only allows using a pre-arranged set of defensive skills. Both partners must help one another to practice effectively and safely.

Locking techniques in Yongmoodo

Technical Background of Yong Moo Do