YongMooDo is a practical and self-defensive martial arts training system in combination with several Korean martial arts and related techniques. This results in from the efforts that actively provided Yong-In university's ideas of education and martial arts to people in the world and to create it top notch martial arts of our own. In other word YongMooDo is an attempts in body reconciliation and harmony which in national sprits and the principle Yong-In university's through martial Arts and physical education. It is Korean intergraded martial system which unifies existing traditional Korean martial arts, for example Judo, Kumdo, Hakido and SSireum. With the art of self-defense.

Master Zubairi applying a locking technique

Presedent World Yongmoodo Federation breifing on Significance of Yong Moo Do

Yongmoodo Team at Badr ul Hasan Sports Complex, Karachi