Biography International Master Instructor of Taekwondo , Hapkido & Yong Moo Do


The 7th Dan Black Belt.
Certified Taekwondo International Master Instructor from Kukkiwon .2011
Certified Yong Moo Do International Master Instructor & Referee from World Yong Moo Do Federation. 2012
Certified Hapkido Master Instructor from Korean Martial Arts Instructor Association.2004
Certified Hapkido International Referee from World Hapkiyusul Federation. 2012

President and Founder:

Zubairi's Martial Arts Centre (Since 1983)
Pakistan Taekwondo Council (Since 2000)
Pakistan Hapkido Federation (Since 2005)
Pakistan Haedong Kumdo Federation (Since 2006)
Pakistan Yong Moo Do Federation (Since 2011)
Zubairi's Martial Arts & Sports Trust-International (Since 2006)


Master Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi had opened his first dojang in 1983 by the name of Zubairi's Martial Arts Centre where he started promoting the Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo in Pakistan and is progressing through Hapkido, Kyuk Took Ki, Haedong Kumdo and Yong Moo Do. He gained a lot of achievements and popularity in Taekwondo and is continuing to do so as one of the leading Taekwondo senior master instructors in Pakistan.Taekwondo is his major style of practicing and teaching. He is a writer, lecturer on Korean Martial Arts and a well-known martial arts friendship, brother and sisterhood figure all over Pakistan and around the globe. He has gained confidence of his seniors as well as juniors everywhere. He is 1982 inter collegiate Judo and Karate champion, 1986 provincial and national Taekwondo champion and has won many gold medals, positions in Karate, Judo and in Taekwondo competitions. In 1983 he Introduced Taekwondo & Martial Arts in "Karachi City Metropolitan Schools" and teach FREE of Cost to the school students. He has trained many senior masters of martial arts and converted them into Taekwondo. Trained and awarded many black belts to those who won national and international recognitions. A Post graduate M.Sc in Applied Chemistry, MBA in Marketing, Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance and Qualified Sports Administrator from Olympic Council of Asia (IOC).

Professional Membership:

Kukkiwon. The World Taekwondo Headquarter. Korea
World Taekwondo Academy-Kukkiwon. Korea
World Yong Moo Do Federation-Korea
Universal Taekwondo Union. Korea
Korean Hapkido Federation. Korea
President PAKISTAN YONGMOODO FEDERATION Master Rizwan Zubairi Black Belt 7 DAN Hapkido, Taekwondo, Yong Moo Do with Kukkiwon President in KoreaKorean Martial Arts Instructors Association. Korea
World Organizer of Martial Arts. Saudi Arabia
Pakistan Taekwondo Federation. Pakistan
Sindh Taekwondo Association. Pakistan
Pakistan Martial Arts Organization-International. Pakistan
World Martial Arts Council For Elders.Philipines
Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan.USA
International Sung-Ja Do Association.USA
United States Martial Artist Association.USA
United States Police Defensive Tactics Association.USA
Martial Arts Association-International-Germany
International Taekwondo & Budo Sports Federation. Germany
World Corean Martial Arts Union. Spain
International Combat Union. Serbia

Martial Arts Media:

Special Correspondent & Photographer in Pakistan for Taekwondo Times.USA
News Correspondent in Pakistan for World Martial Arts Magazine.USA
Contributing Writer International Taekwondo Links Magazine-Pakistan

Technical Committee:

Appointed Judge by Professional Karate Association in 2nd P.K.A Title Bouts. 1985
Appointed Judge by Professional Karate Association in 2nd P.K.A Title Bouts. 1986
Appointed Referee by Pakistan Taekwondo Federation for 7th National Championships 1986.
Appointed Chief Judge by Pakistan Taekwondo Federation for Quetta District Taekwondo Championships.1987
Appointed Chief Jury by NWFP Taekwondo Association (Affiliated unit of PTF) for Sarhad Olympics 1990 Taekwondo Event, Peshawar from 27th February -1st March1990.
Appointed Referee / Judge by Pakistan Taekwondo Federation for 23rd National Games Taekwondo Event, Peshawar16th - 21st March 1990.
Appointed Chief Referee for 1st Pakistan, President Flag Taekwondo competition, Peshawar on 17th March 1991.
Appointed Referee for Commander's Cup Taekwondo Contest & Demonstration, Islamabad Pakistan from 31st January-1st February 1994.
Appointed Chief Jury by Pakistan Martial Arts Association for Taekwondo event in the First Pakistan Martial Arts Competition, Peshawar, from 19th - 20th May 1994
Appointed Chief Jury at 1st All Pakistan Open Taekwondo Championship Organized by Pakistan Taekwondo Control Board, Karachi 26th July1998.
Appointed Chief Jury in First All Sindh Taekwondo Championship organized by Sindh Taekwondo Association, Karachi 26th May2001
Appointed Technical official for Taekwondo by Sindh Olympic Association at 28th National Games, Lahore, 12th -18th March 2001.
Organizer cum sponsor of 1st Karachi Taekwondo Championship.8th June 2002.
Selected coach for Karachi Team, 2nd Sindh Taekwondo Championship, 9th June 2002, Karachi Team wins by 62 points.
Chairman organizing committee of 2nd Karachi City Taekwondo Championship at Peoples Stadium Maripur Road, Karachi on 18th May 2003.
Selected Coach for Karachi Team, 3rd Sindh Taekwondo Championship, and Karachi Team wins by 96 points. 1st June 2003.
Chief Coach for Pakistan Taekwondo Council team who has participated in "15 Fajr International Taekwondo Tournament", 12-13 June 2003 at Karj City of I.R.Iran.
Organize Master Zubairi's Taekwondo Cup 2003 6th - 7th September 2003. Karachi.
Organize Master Zubairi's Koryo Poomsae Cup 18th January 2004. Karachi.
Organize Master Zubairi's Girls Taekwondo Cup (YuGupJa).27th March 2004.
Organize Master Zubairi's Mixed Martial Arts Seminar on Self Defense. Karachi.15th May 2004.
Organize two days Seminar Taekwondo Sparring Techniques (Olympic Style under the banner of Pakistan Taekwondo Council, at Zubairi's Martial Arts Centre, Karachi. "3rd -4th July 2004.
Organize Second Master Zubairi's Taekwondo Cup 2004 under the banner of Pakistan Taekwondo Council, at Zubairi's Martial Arts Centre. 27th -28th November 2004, Karachi.
Organizer Karachi Taekwondo Cup 2004.Karachi.12th December 2004.
Organize two-day event Martial Arts Training Seminar. Black belts of various martial arts discipline attend the seminar. 5th -6th February 2005.
Appoint Coordinator and Head of Court for Pakistan Inter Board Taekwondo Championship 2005, Organized by Sindh Board of Technical Education, Karachi.7th February.
Organize One-day event Pakistan-Germany Taekwondo Exchange Training and Brotherhood Seminar 200 colour and black belts from Karachi have attended the seminar. 18th May 2005.
Organize Second Mater Zubairi Koryo Poomsae Cup 2005. Dully sanctioned and approved by Universal Taekwondo Union-Korea & Universal American National Taekwondo Union-USA. Master Zubairi has dedicated this event to Grandmaster Lee Byung Chae-9 th Dan and Grandmaster Soon Pil Hong-8 th Dan for their dedicated services and active promotion of Taekwondo world over including Pakistan.10thJuly 2005.
Organize Martial Arts Masters Conference 2005. In collaboration with Pakistan Taekwondo Council. Grandmasters, Masters and black belts of various martial arts styles have attended the conference. Karachi.24th July 2005.
Organize Martial Arts Conference 2005 Pakistan Taekwondo Council. At the Occasion of Pakistan's 58 th Independence Day Celebration Hyderabad City.5th August 2005.
Organize Third Mater Zubairi Taekwondo Cup 2005. Dully sanctioned and approved by Universal Taekwondo Union-Korea and Universal American National Taekwondo Union-USA. More than 500 participants compete in 2 day event.10th_ 11thSeptember 2005
Organize Martial Arts Speech Seminars. The prominent martial artist deliver lectures martial arts system and gave suggestions and recommendations to the Master Zubairi to develop the Korean martial arts standards and excellence in Pakistan on 26th November 2005.
Appoint Coordinator and Chief Jury for Pakistan Inter Board Taekwondo Championship organized by Sindh Board of Technical Education, Karachi. 8th January 2006.
Organize Third Mater Zubairi Koryo Poomsae Cup 2006.Multan City, on 27th January 2006.
Organize 4 th Master Zubairi's Taekwondo Cup 2006.Karachi. 22nd - 23rd March 2006.
Organize 3 Days Taekwondo Training Workshop, at Karachi from 9th-11th July 2006.
Organize 5 th Master Zubairi King Of The Ring Taekwondo Champions Trophy at Mianwali City on 13th -14th August 2006.
Organize 2 Day Taekwondo Training Workshop at Mianwali City on 14th -15th August 2006.
Organize 6 th Master Zubairi National Taekwondo Cup-2007 & 4th Master Zubairi Koreo Poomsae Cup. Mianwali City. 21st March 2007
Member Organizing Committee for Taekwondo Event for 30 th National Games, Karachi. 9th-14th April 2007.
Organize 7 th Master Zubairi's Taekwondo Cup 2009. Lahore City Branch. 18th - 19th April 2009
Organize 8 th Master Zubairi's Taekwondo Cup 2009. Karachi City Branch 19th - 20th May 2009.
Organize 9 th Master Zubairi's Taekwondo Cup 2010. Karachi City Branch 20th - 21th Dec 2010.
Participated as Member Organizing Committee for Taekwondo event, for 14th Sindh Games at Sukkur City.17th - 19th March 2011.
Organize 10 th Master Zubairi's Taekwondo Cup 2011. Gilgit City Branch 22nd Nov.

Official Governing Bodies:

Elected as President for "Karachi Taekwondo Association". 2002 to 2006.
Elected "Vice President" for Sindh Taekwondo Association, an affiliated unit of Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Sindh Sports Board and Sindh Olympic Association.24th May - 13th June 2010.
Elected Executive Member "Pakistan Taekwondo Federation". Affiliated unit WTF-ATU-PSB-POA.11th Feb 2010.
Elected as Chairman for "Sindh Taekwondo Association". Affiliated unit of Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Sindh Sports Board and Sindh Olympic Association.13th June 2011.
Chairman Selection Committee for Sindh Province Taekwondo Association Team for 31 st National Games at Peshawar City.25th - 31st Dec.


Appreciation Letter from Col. Lee Jong-Joon (Defense Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Islamabad, Pakistan for Taekwondo promotional activities in Pakistan and being Referee in Commander's Cup Taekwondo Contest & Demonstration.2nd February 1994.
Appreciation Certificate from Inspector General of Police Islamabad, for Taekwondo promotional activities in Pakistan, 10th April 1995.
Letter of Appreciation from Assistant District officer, Education of City District Government Karachi, for teaching Honorary Taekwondo at CDGK Schools from 1983.17th November 2005
Letter of Commendation from Kukkiwon due to Voluntary Services as Team Leader in 23 rd Taekwondo Foreign Instructor Training Course at Kukkiwon, Seoul City, Korea.16th July 2011.
Shiled of Honour by World Yong Moo Do Federation President. Korea 2012.